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New Trend!

Posted by Hershey Limire on Tuesday, February 26, 2013
I have a wonderfully trend again for you all once again! It is cheap and professional.You can wear it at fashion shows you visit,your job,your meetings! Just any event that will suit it!
I am wearing Apex Buttoned Cardigan which is only 510 gold,Short Skirt which is 3500 tokens or  350 gold,Female high heels which is 2900 tokens or 290 gold,and finally my accessories Estilo Pitch Black Umbrella which is 390 gold,Pearl Necklace which is 4900 tokens or 490 gold,and my Bangles that is 3500 tokens...
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New Trend :D

Posted by Hershey Limire on Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello guys here is Hershey Limire with her first ever trend. The smallworlds items we have used can be mainly found in smallwear or other smallworld user  shops they own. As you can see its not a whole dress, but it certainly look like one. It is a top which is a Ladies Corset that cost 750gold or 7500tokens, and also the skirt that is a Fringe Puffy Skirt that cost 640gold the item is not in tokens.                                     Also the wonderful heels the 2 ladies are wearing...

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Fashion Show: Winter & Spring

Posted by Hershey Limire on Friday, February 22, 2013
Ok,We had 2 Fashion Shows Tonight like always here goes the 6 Models I picked for the wonderful fashion show themes.

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Fashion Show: 60's & 70'S

Posted by Hershey Limire on Thursday, February 21, 2013
Hey guys once again Hershey is here! We had a amazing fashion show today. The theme was 60's & 70's but of course one of the models (Amelia). Suggested for that theme so I just needed to put that out there.
Here go the pictures of all the models I hope you like!

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