Hersheys Limire (HERSH)
Black Heart

 Hey guys my name is Hershey Limire,I am one of the owners of Golden Girl Modeling Agency. I love hiring new modelings every time. When they come from other agencies they tell me how they do things there. I just love hiring new models and learning about them. I also own other business like Olive Garden,Childtime Playtime Daycare,and also the  Golden Girl Modeling Agency of course. I love making new business,and making new friends on Smallworlds
I am nice and outgoing,but when it come down with work. I don't joke around (Well sometimes) I just want to keep my business healthy,and professional.

Patrick Goodname (PAT)

 Hey Im Patrick Goodname, and Im part owner of Golden Girls Modeling Agency. I also own a Computer Shop called Patrick's PC's,... Stop by somtimes to see my stuff.  Im 18 years old , Goofy because I laugh alot, Im a good time. I love plannng Events on smallworlds for the citizens to come and join, and  I just like having a Good time. And shout out to Hershys my best Friends .. whats up rofl.


Bailey Clarcson (BAIL)
Hello my name is Bailey Clarcson ,Uhm well i owned a school, and a restaurant but i shut both of those business down because it wasn't going well, there's no businesses ill be making now or later maybe in a couple months i probably will open a business. I liked it when Hershey asked me to be a owner,because i think it takes alot to work there and stuff  and to reach that goal is special to me it makes me feel trustworthy I stepped goal by goal i was a model didn't know what was going on i wanted to quit but i had faith and i know Hershey had faith in me then i just stepped up to trainer. When i really got it it was so much fun.Then now I got a job opening for owner! Anyways here is a couple of things about me I like alot of things like pizza,dale,and other stuff  there;s alot of stuff i like going upside down on roller coaster! <-----COOL RIGHT

Bailey Clarcson

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