Modeling Contract

Being apart of Golden Girl Modeling Agency you will have to be apart with us at least 3 months.
You will follow the rules, and also keep G.G.M in your motto while you is apart of Golden Girl Modeling Agency.
While you is a model of our agency you will follow the rules you will come to practices,meetings,and fashion shows.
You will respect the workers of Golden Girl Modeling Agency.

Also you will add the room on favorites when you agree to the contract. You will keep the room on your favorites till your contract has fully ended. You will have to work for Golden Girl Modeling Agency you can not quit in middle of a fashion show or a upcoming fashion show. If you do there will be consequences you will have to deal with.
You may not be a worker or a model at a other agency also you can't decorate the agency or give them pointers
on how we do things at Golden Girl Modeling Agency.

After you agree to this contract, and follow all the rules you are really apart of Golden Girl Modeling Agency
When you be apart of Golden Girl Modeling Agency you will get paid 2000 tokens every time you do a fashion show for
Golden Girl Modeling Agency.

Worker Contract

Being a Golden Girl Modeling Agency worker you have to be professional,respectful,and have responsibility.
Being apart of this agency you have many jobs you will end up choosing the theme,stylish,front desk worker,or even helping the owners with some of their work. We will need you for many tasks you have to be at a lot of the meetings,practices,and fashion shows just like the models. We have to have you to handle some of the things that the owner can't at that right moment.

If you don't come to at least the meetings,practices,and fashion shows you will have consequences. When you agree to this contract you will have to at least work for Golden Girl Modeling Agency for 3 months. After your contract has ended you will soon be retired you can always re-new your contract if you like.

You can't be working with a other agency or modeling at a other agency. Once you apart of Golden Girl Modeling Agency you need to only stay with Golden Girl Modeling Agency till your contract end or you get fired.
You will respect the models and they needs as well as the owners. When we call you in for practices,meetings,and fashion shows you have to be there. If it is a family problem or something else we really under stand.

Once you agree to Golden Girl Modeling Agency contract you are coming to practices,meetings,and fashion shows to help out you will be paid at fashion shows you will get paid 2000 tokens and at practices you will get paid 500 tokens.
Also when you agree you will follow all these rules and respect these rules!

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