Welcome to Golden Girl Website!

 I hope you love this music video.We posted this video on our site,because this is Golden Girl
 Modeling Agency theme song!

Hello!,Welcome to Golden Girl Modeling Agency website. We
really hope you all love it!
Ok,Lets start off by telling you about the agency and the rest
you can find out on the About Us tab.

The agency was made in December 2012 we expand in
February 2013. Since the agency expanded it got more
popular and more jobs had been coming up.
Soon loads of agency owners came to visit Golden Girl
Modeling Agency. It got more and more popular.
Fashion shows and practices was hard work,but atleast we
are making it up to the top Hershey Limire quoted.

The owners Hershey Limire,Patrick Goodname,and Bailey
Clarson is proud of their hard work with the agency.
MISSION STATEMENT: "When a model leave my agency
which I don't mind at all. I want them to leave with respect and
remember all we taught them. If they go to a other agency or
visit a other agency,and come there being professional will
make us proud. Knowing that the other agencies might have
asked what other agency they was apart of. They will say
Golden Girl Modeling Agency. That is our mission statement
and it often happens.

 Hello welcome to Golden Girl Website!

The owners of Golden Girl Modeling Agency Is Hershey Limire,Patrick Goodname,and Bailey Clarson!

To learn more about the owners just go to the owner tab!

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