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Fashion Show: Sexy Black

Posted by Hershey Limire on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Hey guys Hershey here once again. We had a other wonderful fashion show once again.
The models loved it and others to! Well here go the pics from it!

I couldn't put the all the models pics but I picked the ones I really really liked! So enjoy :D

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Fashion Shows: Presidential,Colorful Nerds,and Black & Pink

Posted by Hershey Limire on Tuesday, February 19, 2013
There was so many Fashion shows tonight. You should of been there agencies owners from all over was visiting I was really shock and excited! Well we had a 3 fashion shows. 1 theme for each fashion show of course,I just want to thank all the models some of them was in each fashion show. That's hard work,and for that you will become a super model.
Here go a picture of the fashion show well the I was so busy I couldn't get pictures of the Colorful Nerds theme. Also with Black & Pink,but I did wit...
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Model Of The Week ~Kassidy Karez the 2nd

Posted by Hersh Hersh on Sunday, February 17, 2013
Well,Hershey here I just want to congratz our new model of the week which is Kassidy!
Also she is the 1st ever supermodel of Golden Girl Modeling Agency! Her picture is located on both of the
tabs the Model of the week tab and aswell as Super Model tab.
If you are a Golden Model of ours you might be next!
 If you wanna be apart of our agency just visit our agency on Smallworlds and you might become one!

If you want more details on becoming a Model of the week or Super Model. J...
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