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How do we do things?

We always wanna make a good impression on our self, We want to keep things professional and classy.                                             Sure we do joke around sometimes. But when it comes to practices,meetings,and fashion shows. We gotta be a little serious from time to time.


Well,Right now we are hiring models,Only female at the moment we are trying to work something out.                                           Also we hire front desk workers,and even assistants to help the staff (Like owners,fashion designers,and even the event planners). If you wanna be a model, just come to our agency Golden Girl Modeling Agency. If we are not there just sign the guest book.,and we will make you a appointment.

Do we fire....?

We we don't really fire much,but if you don't come to the couple of meetings,practices,and fashion shows. There is no point of been a Golden Model. We don't fire you harsh we tell you a reason and let you explain. We know some people are busy in real life. But at least come to a couple of meetings,practices,and fashion shows. We do give second chances when you is apart of our agency you're family,and family treat each other right!


Models to gain promotions to Super Models . Sometimes if they wanna change around like event planner,fashion designer,front desk worker or just a assistant they can. Sometimes when there  are promotions we throw a huge party to celebrate!

Do we gotta change our motto ? 

Yes you do have to change your motto,because we want to know that you a Golden Model. You have to change you motto to  Golden Model or G.M.M


If you got any more questions you can mail the main owner Hershey Limire or the others Patrick Goodname and Bailey Clarcson. If we don't reply please don't throw a fit we are busy time to time.

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